I lead the Learning and Performance Support Systems program at the National Research Council, a multi-year effort to develop personal learning technology and learning analytics. I am one of the originators of the Massive Open Online Course, write about online and networked learning, have authored learning management and content syndication software, and am the author of the widely read e-learning newsletter OLDaily.


  • Association of Medical Educators of Europe (AMEE) E-Learning Symposium, Glasgow, Scotland, September 6, 2015.

  • Ghent, Belgium, March 30, 2015.

  • Chang School Talks 2015, Ryerson University, February 23, 2015.

  • Hackademia, Online, to Brazil, March 16, 2015.

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Why WordPress's new Calypso interface is genius


As Ben Werdmuller says, setting up self-hosted web applications is hard. This is one of the major reasons why, say, personal web servers have never become mainstream. The new redesign of WordPress sounds like a step in the right direction. As Werdmuller writes, "we'll start to see more examples of this data-interface separation, where the logic and data will sit wherever you want, and the beautiful apps and interfaces will be powered by centralized services." It's the opposite of the classical content management service model, where the data is managed by a central server, and the interfaces sit wherever you want. It takes a bit to wrap your mind around.

Today: 179 Total: 179 Ben Werdmüller, 2015/11/24 [Direct Link]

The (open) future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed


So this seems exactly right: "The unfortunate equation of open education w/ free text books has made the movement seem more and more myopic and less and less compelling." It's Jim Groom, and cited within this Cliont Lalonde wrap-up of the recent OpenEd conference in British Columbia. And as Lalonde responds,. "textbooks are so deeply ingrained in our education systems that trying to find others ways of doing education for many is very difficult, especially in an education world where we continually remove capacity for those faculty who DO want to change and experiment and try different things." Image: The Peak.

Today: 160 Total: 160 Clint Lalonde, ClintLalonde.net, 2015/11/24 [Direct Link]

How the current world transformations will affect your life ?


The observations in this article will be familiar to most OLDaily readers, but they're put together in a nice way and I like the diagram. And I like the idea that people should be able to create their own path. "More and more third-places (coworking, fab and open labs, hacker and maker spaces) are gathering communities of people who work and learn together/ where the frontier between professional and personal life is fading away. In a way, it enables more authenticity at work." The website as a whole looks pretty interesting too.

Today: 306 Total: 306 Diane Lenne with Mona Saïdi, We are the PROJECTS, 2015/11/23 [Direct Link]

Vlogging, Teens, and Literacy: Engaging Youth


In 2004 I was recommending that students take up blogging. But it's 2015 now - should they take up video blogging (aka vlogging?). It's not an automatic - vlogging at its simplest can be a person talking into a camera, and at its most extreme can involve a GoPro and outrageous acts. And everything in between. "Offering tutorials on makeup application, riffing about something seen on the subway, or repeatedly failing at video games: these are all legitimate varieties of content that teens are watching, viewing, and learning about and from. And that’s pretty neat. But it also warrants vigilant viewing and engagement on our parts."

Today: 254 Total: 254 Antero Garcia, School Library Journal, 2015/11/23 [Direct Link]

Does Common Core hurt introverted students?


The traditional classroom "allowed introverted students to be invisible during lessons but achieve on tests," writes Alison DeNisco, but Susan Cain "criticizes schools and other institutions for primarily accommodating extroverts, who are more likely to participate in class and to enjoy the stimulation of group work." I see the point in that. I am not an extrovert, and far prefer working on my own (and doggedly formed 'groups of one' throughout grade school). But this isn't something unique to Common Core. A lot of modern pedagogy in general recommends collaborative learning above all else. I don't, though - I think people should be able to choose whether they want to work with others or not.

Today: 271 Total: 271 Alison DeNisco, District Administration, 2015/11/23 [Direct Link]

Waterloo’s Axonify introduces Employee Knowledge Platform to improve workplace learning


Interesting. "Axonify is almost leaving the category of eLearning behind and moving into a broader category of workplace knowledge, supported by a patent-pending Learning Model built on principles of brain science, adaptive learning, microlearning and gamification that feeds a spacing algorithm to optimize knowledge growth and retention... With Axonify, every one of our customers can ensure their employees get the individual knowledge they need, right at the point they need it. We sustain it, grow it, allow them to share it, capture how they apply it and we measure the outcomes." There's a lot of overlap here with LPSS.

Today: 315 Total: 315 Terry Dawes, CanTech Letter, 2015/11/23 [Direct Link]

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